MCNE employs a dedicated team of passionate people with over 50 years of combined on-farm experience, including a full time agronomist, the expertise of an organic chemist and a sales and marketing team, all ready to assist our customers.

ck Castella - Commercial Manager

Yannick undertook studies in International Business (SCU) and Languages (UNE). He completed an internship as a financial planner with a leading global company. Joining the Main Camp Group in 2003 under the guidance of pioneers in the Australian Essential Oils industry, he gained valuable knowledge and skills. Yannick leads the Sales & Marketing team and oversees key functions of the Quality Assurance system.

FHD TeamFarming, Harvesting and Distillation Team

Throughout the year, many different skills are required to ensure that our trees are grown to their full potential. Our team uses practical management systems, integrated pest handling strategies, eco-friendly weed control techniques and intelligent engineering throughout the distillery and storage facility. Our team members are highly experienced in the cultivation, distillation and storage of Tea Tree Oil and all are committed to the MCNE values of a sustainable approach to farming and business.