The most extensive, single tea tree plantation in the world, coupled with a central, high-efficiency distillation facility with complementary storage and packaging.


The Main Camp property currently has almost 800ha of plantation tea trees (Melaleuca Alternifolia). Most of the 20 million trees were planted over 20 years ago. Two large dams provide the plantation with excellent water security. The trees are harvested once annually. Fertilizing regimes and the integrated pest management system represents the industry's best practices and ensures that pure, clean and consistent biomass can continue to be fed into the distillery. Much of the ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System is associated with the farming practices and our commitment to sustainability.


The centralised distillation plant was built to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. Implicit in the design philosophy was operator functionality and safety, low maintenance requirements and a readily expandable configuration. The Main Camp steam distillation technology is the most efficient in the industry arising from over 20 years of development and process refinement. Main Camp maintains a continuous improvement programme that will provide further efficiencies. 

The plant operates on a batch basis using up to 10 reactors at any one time. Steam is provided by a high efficiency gas fired boiler. The distillation plant has substantial capacity in excess of the current plantation output. Although the process uses relatively large quantities of water, all of the process water is recycled. More the 98% of the tea tree biomass processed is subsequently returned as soil and garden mulch.


Multiple stainless steel storage tanks support proven storage, transfer and packaging procedures that softens the oil odour and avoids oxidative deterioration of the oil.

The finest quality oil is consistently and traceably produced using procedures throughout the entire process that are all accredited with an ISO9001 Quality Assurance System certification.

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